What’s New In Mayhem

The folks here at Mayhem HQ have been working around the clock to improve and deepen your gameplay experience.  So, we’ve decided to take a short breath and give you an update on some of the bigger changes we’ve released recently.

King of the Hill is a new game mode that we’ve added into the game mode rotation as part of our update on June 13th.  In addition to Team Deathmatch, players can now battle each other with the objective of controlling a central zone on each map. The first team to control it for long enough and earn 100 points wins the match.  As part of the next update, King of the Hill will become the default game mode with Team Deathmatch being available in the Custom Match section of the game.

Another key update has been the addition of Ultimates.  These are super-charged abilities that are earned by picking up purple orbs.  Once your ability is fully charged, you can unleash a devastating ultimate that can quickly change the pace of the match.  Currently, we have 6 unique ultimates and will be releasing new ones for the other 6 mercs as part of a future update.  Other than these new additions, we continue to tune and iterate on game balance and other new features.

Let us know what you think of the new game mode and which ultimate is your favorite on our social media channels (Twitter @playmayhemgame, Facebook, discord)

– Team Mayhem